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These are coins that are created from precious metals and are usually made from either gold or silver. Many countries have their own bullion coin and here in South Africa we have the most famous of them all – the Krugerrand.

You can purchase direct online, call us, request a team member to call you or alternatively you can come into our head office. One of our specialized sales consultants will be able to assist you with the right package to fit your budget.

Upon your final monthly payment you will be eligible to have your coin set couriered to you at your own cost. You will also have a further two other options – whereby to store and keep your coin with us for an annual storage and safe custody fee of R499, or sell back to us at the current prevailing market price.

We keep all our coins in highly secured off-site vault facilities.

Should you wish to sell, upon completion of your contract, we will repurchase your coin at our daily market rates. This rate is linked to the current price of gold.

These coins carry 11/12th carat of gold and 1/12th of copper. Historically, the alloy used in gold coins serve as currency and once the copper hardens the coin, it ultimately improves its strength and durability. Furthermore, this makes the Krugerrand a perfect tradable Vehicle.

Cancellation is allowed within first 30 days at no cost. After 30 days a cancelation fee will be applied to the contract and client refunded.

Yes, any available credits will be applied to the contract to calculate the new instalment.

A payment holiday of 3 months can be granted if 3 or more instalments have been made. After 3 months the contract can be reinstated at the new contract pricing with a R500 re-instatement fee being levied.

All Major Banks with a forex desks, certain Jewellery Stores & Coin dealers in the major shopping malls.

Coin dealers will buy back at the gold price and pay you in the local currency.

Yes in South Africa. No VAT is charged.

The world markets price 1oz of Gold daily in US Dollars.

Futuregold has two payment options to purchase GOLD Krugerrands- our CASH PRICE or our FIXED PAYMENT TERMS.

– Our cash price is linked to the market value of GOLD which changes daily. (Only available on certain items)
– Our payment terms allow you to pay FIXED monthly amounts for the duration of your contract even if the market GOLD price fluctuate The built in ZERO INTEREST premium gives you peace of mind that while GOLD historically has increased your premium won’t.

There are several benefits when purchasing over a period on fixed terms:

1. The full amount is not required up front which is kind to your cash flow
2. Should the value of gold increase you get the benefit of locking in your contract value at inception.
3. No hidden fees or interest
4. No credit checks
5. Non-SA citizens welcome
6. Convenient monthly payment plans

GOLD has predominately been seen as a safe haven for protecting your wealth.

Historically the value of Gold has increased over time, making it an excellent way hedge against uncertainty and inflation while protecting your wealth.

We are not investment advisors and suggest performing your own research, we are merely offering our clients the opportunity to purchase gold through fixed, affordable payment terms.

– You have a full contract of purchase from a duly registered South African company that has been trading for over 5 years.
– Our offices are in the Sandton business district.
– You will receive a Client Certificate.